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Cuba Aventuras is the leading active multi-day ground operator, receptive and white label tour operator in Cuba.

We are legal to work with American tour operators!

If you are looking for sea kayaking, biking, hiking, cultural exchanges, photography tours, culinary travel, multisport trips and more  - we are the tour operator you should use.

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We own all of our equipment, have our own permits and sub-contract out very, very little of anything we do.  Our guides are all local, professionally trained, well educated and bi-lingual.  Simply put, we are Cuba's #1 source for all of your adventure needs.

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In addition to all of this, we do the most adventure travel in Cuba so we have more buying power than others and can extend outbound tour operators great net rates.  Please use us once and you'll never turn back!

Why Travel to Cuba?


Cuba should be considered seriously as a destination of choice for the more discerning traveller, special interest group or incentive events.  We are uniquely qualified to create a unique travel experience through their extensive knowledge of the country and the local travel industry.


Cuba offers new and exciting travel experiences. It is served by many international scheduled and chartered airlines.  It has all the features and facilities of a tropical paradise with a charm only found on this unique island.  It boasts colonial architecture, beautiful terrain and beaches and it is considered one of the safest destinations for world travelers.


Five star resorts, spas, water sports, entertainment and nightlife make Cuban beaches the place to be. Whether it’s the beaches of Havana or Varadero, you are sure to enjoy your vacation among the romantic plazas, striking architecture and awe-inspiring sun sets. These beaches are considered some of the best in the world for couples, families or corporate events.


There is a pulsating night life in Cuba. From live performances under the stars, to classical music, to the Cuban National Ballet at the Gran Teatro, there is something for everyone. For groups, the entertainment possibilities are endless. Imagine a dinner event with a salsa band, dancing or even a fashion show.


There are hotels and there are other great places to stay. We can find the perfect accommodation for your holiday, from the historical to the trendy, on the beach or downtown, whatever suits you, we are sure to accommodate your specific needs.

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Outbound Tour Operators or Travel Agencies (even those located in the USA because we have approved itineraries for the American traveler) - please contact us if you would like more information to charter dates, sell into existing dates or design custom itineraries for your brand!  If you are an active tour operator who is worried about qualified operations, guiding and legal operations -- you've found Cuba's #1 source, bar none!

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