The roads systems are amazing and have very little traffic. We have the contracts in place and incredible guides who really are "bike people" that can design custom itineraries for you and your group. We also boast a variety of tours that we've already developed. These can also be offered as a people-to-people options for US travellers. We may be the only ground operator in Cuba with the equipment and contracts to offer people-to-people bike tours.

For more detailed information regarding  DATES, FULL ITINERARIES, PRICING  and to book a trip please​ - CONTACT US!

Cuba Cycling Tours

West Shores Bike Tour

This bike tour visits the West region of Cuba.  Starting in Havana you make your way over to Las Terrazas, Viñales, Pinar del Río, Soroa and back to Havana.  This is an amazing flexible itinerary that explore some of Cuba's most beautiful National Parks.  It's a 9 day tour. Cycling on 6 of the days with ride varying from 20-28 miles (30-75 km).

Cuba Cycling Tours

South Central Bike Tour

This bike tour visits the Central and South regions of Cuba.  Starting in Havana and working a loop to Matanzas, Remedios, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Playa Larga and back to Havana.  It's a 9 day tour.  Cycling on 7 of the days with rides varying from 15-37 miles (25-60 km).

Outbound Tour Operators & Agencies

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Outbound Tour Operators or Travel Agencies (even those located in the USA because we have approved itineraries for the American traveler) - please contact us if you would like more information to charter dates, sell into existing dates or design custom itineraries for your brand!  If you are an active tour operator who is worried about qualified operations, guiding and legal operations -- you've found Cuba's #1 source, bar none!

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