You will have the chance to discover some places where not too many tourists have been. The fly fishermen will be served with the Bonefish at Las Salinas de Brito and Snook and Tarpon on Hatiguanico River in the protected area of the Ciénaga de Zapata, recognized by Unesco and Ramsar.

Agabama and Zaza Rivers, located in the south centre of Cuba, offers the opportunity to fish different types of species, Snook, Tarpon, Cubera, Barracuda, Jack Cavale etc. Deep sea fishing is done on the Caribbean ocean, where all kinds of surprises are waiting for you and you will have the chance to sleep on a small island. Bass fishing will take you to the Escambray mountains. The beauty and the tranquility of this place will please you. Live the adventure.

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Cienaga de Zapata

​The Cienaga de Zapata is located in central Cuba. This protected area offers unparalleled fishing conditions. It is a fly-fishing paradise. The clear and shallow waters of Las Salinas are ideal for Bonefish. Hatiguanico river is reknown for its Snooks and Tarpons. There is limited access to those sites. Will you be one of the lucky ones?

Fishing at River & Sea

​Come and live this unique fishing experience in Cuba. In this adventure you will fish on the ocean and on a river. Sleep on a small island on the Caribbean ocean.Snook and Tarpon will be waiting for you on the Agabama river and the big ones will be there on the ocean.At the end of your journey, you will relax on the Ancon beach, near the historical city of Trinidad.

Fishing Agabama & Zaza Rivers

Snook and Tarpon are the main attraction of this circuit. You will have the chance to fish on two beautiful rivers in the heart of the Cuban nature. Those two rivers end up in the Caribbean ocean. Calmness and a change of scenery is guaranteed.

Fishing Hanabanilla Lake / Agabama & Zaza Rivers

​Your adventure begins at Hanabanailla lake, located in the heart of the Escambray mountains for Bass fishing in this beautiful scenery. Snook and Tarpon is your next challenge. Agabama and Zaza rivers, situated in the cuban nature, will make you see Cuba differently. To end this quest, relax and enjoy the Ancon beach near the historical city of Trinidad.

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